To the School District of the City of Highland Park

Mission Statement


Effectiive schools identify core values and beliefs about learning that function as explicit foundational commitments to students and the community. Every component of the school is driven by the core values and beliefs and supports all students’ achievement of the school's learning expectations.



The School District of the City of Highland Park Administrative Offices are located at 131 Pilgrim Street,  Highland Park, MI 48203 Phone - (313) 957-3000


The Highland Park Public School Academy System (PreK-12)
George Washington Carver Academy (K-8)
Emergency Manager

Pre Auction Inspection - Monday May 11th 10am- 4pm


There will be an auction held on Tuesday May 12th for the contents of Highland Park High School 15900 Woodward Avenue.  Please click HERE for the items that will be up for bid.


The May12th Board of Education Meeting Has Been Cancelled


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